Prayer Requests/Praises


This page is for anyone that needs prayer about something specific or just in general, this page is also for praises you can give to God for answering prayer, or blessing your everyday life.

(Please Remember: this page is public and is seen by other people, If you have more personal Prayer Requests please email us at


7 thoughts on “Prayer Requests/Praises

  1. •Tylor- Spiritual, personal, family
    •Jonathan- spiritual, family
    •Haleen- school, spiritual family,
    •Rhonda- spiritual family
    •Asherina- personal
    •Heather- personal, work
    •Sam- life in general, work
    •Shawn- family, getting back in school
    •Joseph- Dad’s salvation
    •Khalil- personal, Israel
    •Joseph- Mom
    •Stephen- family, cousin
    •Ricardo- Mom’s salvation, friend
    •Martin- Grandma’s health

  2. January 15th prayer requests:

    Nick- real estate exam
    Abraham- Guidance
    Saleem- life in general
    Sandra- work and school
    Heather-work, personal,spiritual
    Sara- personal, spiritual
    Joshua- school, personal
    Joseph- mom
    Jonathan- school, personal
    Ramy- family, personal
    Joseph- dad’s salvation
    Khalil- personal
    Clark- dad’s salvation
    Yohan- spiritual
    Shawn- family, mom
    Tylor- personal, spiritual
    Abigail- famil,school, personal
    Heleen- family,school,personal
    Martin- family, personal
    Steven-spiritual, mom’s salvation
    Randy- school, family

    posted by – Heather

  3. nadeen- surgury
    Onita- family spiritualpersonal and school and for cousins
    Hindereen- spiritual family
    Haleen- personal
    George- personal school and spiritual
    Jonathan- Jonathan- School, personal, and family
    Yohan- Personal family
    Tylor- personal, spiritual, school
    Randy- family, spiritual

    Pray this week also for Khalil and Clark, that they both would recover from their sickness!

  4. Today we heard some good news. Mark is recoving and from what we heard his brian and neck is fine. He just gots a long way to recovery.

  5. Our Youth is going through alot please pray for us. In adittion please pray for Tyler his grandfather passed away

  6. Here are the prayer requests for the youth group for this past Sunday

    Clark- unsaved family
    Joseph- mom
    Holly- Future plans
    Priscilla- parents in service
    Randy- Family, dad’s salvation
    Bedros- work/ personal
    abby- family/personal
    sara- family
    Martin- family/personal
    Rony- family

    We want to welcome our new visitors to our church Sara and Rony!
    Please keep the youth group in prayer this week.

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